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Celebrate the XXXth Congress of the International Academy of Pathology!

Celebrate with Medical, Laboratory & Technology Consultants as we participate in the

XXXth Congress of the International Academy of Pathology!

Visit us at Booth #24 and learn about our Global Consulting Services.

Our mission is to advance healthcare by making it accesible, affordable and safe.

Join us at the Welcome Reception as we are the

Corporate Sponsor for the event!

As a bonus to all attendees receive a FREE download of our reference guide

"10 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Medical

Facility That Don't Cost Anything!"

Use the coupon code "temple" at checkout on our Online Store.


Date: October 6, 2014

Venue: Bangkok Convention Centre, Main Hall

Theme: Thai Temple Festival

As the major religion in Thailand is Buddhism, so there are many temples located in almost every villages all over Thailand as a center of community. Besides of the religion activities, there is a folk festival offered for people to get together, enjoy food, performance and game with an aim in raising fund for the temple.

IAP 2014 will bring the Thai temple festival to the venue. You will see booths of interesting game, release your tension with our traditional performance, excited you mind with you splendid food, which will give you the taste you will never forget, experience our warm welcome heart and you will know why Thailand is the land of smile. #IAP2014

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