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Since 2009 Medical, Laboratory & Technology Consultants, LLC has extensive experience in working with partners in International and US governments as well as public and private sectors. Our consultants are experts in the medical and scientific fields who, given the opportunity to expand their knowledge base, became global players and local partners.


Inspiration is drawn from the countless lives we have touched in enhancing and improving their level of patient care. Many in situations where their local Doctor or Healthcare provider is their ONLY option for treatment and source of hope. Encouraging the principle of "doing the best you can with what you have" has led Medical, Laboratory & Technology Consultants to be able to influence and support many sustainable efforts in resource limited countries and promote Pride and Ownership of their healthcare programs for their countrymen.


Our CEO works in the international healthcare arena, having traveled to Brazil, Egypt, Italy, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Singapore, South Africa, and UK for various initiatives. Domestically our highly trained team of Technical Consultants works with CMS and other Accrediting Organizations to ensure compliance for good laboratory practices. Globally, over 1300 healthcare professionals and everyday citizens have participated in our programs. Subsequently through ToT and continous improvement initiatives MLT Consultants has beneficially impacted thousands of lives as we strive to "Advance Global Healthcare by making it Accessible, Affordable and Safe!"



- Medical Laboratory Scientists

- Professors/ Lecturers

- Pathologists

- Technical Consultants

- CPR Instructors

- Nurses

- IT Specialists

- Immunologists

- Procurement Specialists


We are always interested in welcoming new talent to our group. If you are a healthcare professional who has knowledge and expertise to share email your Resume/CV to

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