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Individualized Quality Control Plan (IQCP)


Medical, Laboratory & Technology Consultants is ready to assist your laboratory in compliance with the CMS IQCP Interpretive Guidelines. From information and resources to Technical Consulting services, MLT Consultants is the partner you need to succeed.

What is IQCP?

"IQCP stands for Individualized Quality Control Plan and is the alternative CLIA quality control (QC) option that will provide for equivalent quality testing to meet the CLIA regulations for nonwaived tests. IQCP will include many practices that your laboratory already engages in to ensure quality testing, not just the frequency andnumber of QC materials.

IQCP considers the entire testing process: pre-analytic, analytic and post analytic; thus, your laboratory will need to consider the corresponding risks in each of these phases and applicable regulatory requirements."

                                                                                   - CMS CLIA Brochure 11

When does it begin?

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has begun the Education and Implementation Period for the Individualized Quality Control Program (IQCP).

During this two year period (1/1/14 - 12/31/15) eligible non-waived laboratories can learn about the new guideline and determine if their existing Quality Control (QC) plans are acceptable or if an IQCP needs to be implemented. Begining on 1/1/16 laboratories will be required to fully implement their selected QC plan for ALL test systems.

How can we help your organization get compliant
and stay compliant?

MLT Consultants

IQCP Compliance Program


MLT Consultants has created the IQCP Compliance Program that will allow all members of the Healthcare Workforce to Earn and Learn about IQCP. Laboratory Directors to Allied Health workers can gain insight on how to prepare and implement "the Right QC!"


Our Domestic (U.S.) Technical Consultants are ready to provide training and competency assessments, review documentation and even assist your laboratory in creating the necessary IQCP documentation. Be 100% prepared for any CMS or Accrediting Organization audit, survey or ACO review.


Our partnership with the Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI), creators of the EP-23 Guideline, affords our clients a 15-20% discount on all of their products, events and services. Take advantage of our collaboration and/or create a customized Education and Consulting package unique to your laboratory's needs.


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